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Reproduced by Castrol Classic Oils UK, an independent company owned by classic car owners, it satisfies the growing demand for true original lubricants for classic cars that were specified when these vehicles were manufactured. Modern oils do not have the properties required by classic machinery and could cause internal distress, not only to the vehicles but to the owners as well.

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Why use Castrol Classic Oils?

Older engines have low pressure gear-driver oil pumps, larger oil galleries and greater reliance on splash and cling to lubricate and reduce heat. Seals and gaskets perform their function with original oils and will not withstand modern oils and additives which result in leaking and loss with thinner modern oils. Castrol Classic Oil reduces heat, reduces wear and reduces noise.

Castrol Classic Oils are made under licence, specifically to the exact specifications for classic vehicles and the grade of oil each vehicle was originally engineered to use making the vehicle quieter and smoother compared to using modern oil alternatives.

We also produce a 10 year life waterless coolant and lead replacement additives for fuels. 

Zinc Content:

ZDDP is an oil additive that comes with many myths and opinions attached

The average zinc content of Castrol Classic Oil is 820 parts/million average. 

Normally 800 – 1000 parts/million is acceptable over all the grades. 

A higher content of zinc ppm is recommended in Classic engines that are used for racing and competition purposes, but it must be remembered that the high zinc content of those oils can be very corrosive when the cars are stored or not actively used for any period of time.

Classic racers in the day would actually drain the race oil from their engines after competing as they were well aware of this issue.

Consider then the average Classic car in this day and age and its use on the roads now. Many tend to be weekend or even monthly or even less frequent drivers.

Normal daily driving of cars with high zinc content is not recommended by the technicians at Castrol.

For this reason Castrol do not recommend a very high Zinc content for oils in Classic cars.

Become a Strategic Partner Classic Oils

NZ is seeking interested business owners to who may benefit from wholesale discount arrangements on Bulk Purchases of our Range of Classic Oils and additives to make contact with us with a view to further discussions. If you are in the automotive industry or have a need for bulk amounts of our Classic Oils range then this could be an opportunity for co-operation between our Companies.

Please send your expression of interest to info@classicoils.co.nz with a brief outline of your business and contact details. We will be in touch and send out an Information Pack to you.

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