CASTROL CLASSIC Gear Oil EP90 - 1L Castrol-1840

Nil Stock CASTROL CLASSIC Gear Oil EP90 - 1L    Castrol-1840

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Extreme Pressure API GL 4

Extreme pressure multi-purpose gear oil for Hypoid and non-Hypoid applications where specified by the manufacturer.

Also available in 20L workshop drum.

Castrol Classic EP 90

Gear Oil for Classic Vehicles


Classic EP 90 is a mineral oil based gear oil containing anti-oxidant, anti-wear and extreme pressure additives to

protect against problems due to oil oxidation, gear wear and corrosion.


Classic EP 90 is recommended for the lubrication of conventional spiral bevel final drives and mild hypoid axles where

API GL-4 oils are recommended. It may also be used to lubricate spur and helical gears and for other applications

where the manufacturer specifies the use of an oil meeting API GL-4. It should not be used in high off-set hypoid axles

where API GL-5 oils are typically recommended or in axles with limited slip differentials.

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