Classic ValveMaster Fuel Additive 250ml Castrol-1768

Classic ValveMaster Fuel Additive   250ml   Castrol-1768

CASTROL - Fuel Additive VALVEMASTER - Lead replacement and Ethanol Guard for Classic Cars

Valve Master - Not for use with Catalytic Convertors

Contents : 250ml

Item Code : 1768

Note the bottle has a measuring device to allow you to correctly gauge the amount of fluid needed per litre in your fuel tank

This 250ml bottle - treats 250 litres of fuel

Valvemaster with its unique phosphorus formula protects against valve seat recession under all driving conditions.

Note this formulation also contains Etha-Guard ethanol stabiliser that protects and enables use of ethanol E5 and E10 petrol in classic cars, motorcycles and pre-1996 petrol vehicles.

For use with 95, 97, 98, 99, or higher octane ethanol E5 and E10 petrol.

Valvemaster is the recommended solution for cars and motorcycles requiring valve seat protection.

      • The best protection after lead against valve seat recession
      • Protects your engine under all driving conditions
      • Keeps fuel systems clean
      • Protects against corrosion

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