Classic Etha Guard Plus (Ethanol Stabiliser) 250ml Castrol-1772

New Classic Etha Guard Plus (Ethanol Stabiliser)  250ml  Castrol-1772

Protect your Classic Engine and its components against the effects of Ethanol Fuels

Stabilises E5 & E10 ethanol petrol.

You can use this additive when your car is fitted with a Catalytic Converter

If Ethanol is a concern for you then please read on!!

Fully compatible with catalytic converters, Etha-Guard Plus offers the best protection against ethanol damage for drivers of younger and modern classics.

Etha-Guard is an additive that counteracts ethanol’s hygroscopic nature, preventing moisture and subsequent acidity in your fuel system. Etha-Guard protects both in use and in storage, stabilising the fuel to prevent moisture absorption and separation.

All products in the Valvemaster Fuel Additive range contain Etha-Guard. Classic Etha-Guard Plus is compatible with catalytic converters, so can be used by owners of younger and modern classics who do not require valve seat protection.


*Etha-Guard ethanol stabiliser: Enables use of E5 & E10 petrol with or without a catalytic convertor.

Prevents corrosion in fuel systems.

Prevents acidity in ethanol fuel.

Keeps fuel system clean.

Protects your vehicle in use or storage; also prevents damage to fibreglass fuel tanks.

*Optimise Plus friction modifier: Enhanced performance and economy.

Increases acceleration by up to 3% and increases economy by up to 2%.

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